Welcome configurator v3

posted on 2/16/2024, in updates

The configuration has always been a fundamental part of the Rechart project.

The first attempt was by exploiting Retool itself, both to test the ongoing development and to provide early users with an initial configuration experience as well.

The second attempt employed an external web app to help the user build the configuration. It was an interesting direction because it allowed the user to configure the chart with her own data structure.

However, it was flawed, since asking the user to copy and paste the updated configuration every time to make it persistent wasn’t a good experience at all.

So, here’s the new version. It’s a standalone web app that communicates with the Rechart instance locally and save the configuration in a remote storage.

This way, a sort of modern configuration experience is possible, where you can play with UI input elements and see the results in real-time with your real data.

Now, with the new one, only the structure of your dataset is sent to the configurator to allow the user to pick the right field during the configuration session. The chart configuration is then saved on a remote storage and retrieved by the chart itself.

Here’s a sneak peek of the new configurator experience: