Powerful Charts

in Retool Apps!

Turn your internal tools
into actionable dashboards and BI applications.

Rechart adds connected Charts in Retool
with an easy and visual configuration.

Include Rechart using our Module in your Retool app.
Use the Visual Configurator to refine the options.


Stop maintaning custom chart components

Built for Retool

Rechart is a javascript library built to work nicely with Retool.
Every single chart option can be wired with a Retool component.

Furthermore, Rechart bring powerful interactive capabilities to enhance Retool apps.

<b>Built for Retool</b>

Stop messing with Plotly JSON

Easy Configuration

You don't have to mess with a JSON configuration. There's a visual configurator to configure a chart in seconds.

Furthermore, easy configuration doesn't mean simple charts. Rechart brings powerful chart and graph models.

<b>Easy Configuration</b>

Stop adding static picture

Actionability by Design

At the core of the library there's a powerful interactivity system to bring actionable capabilities.

Showing data is the first step.
The second one is active exploration and investigation.

<b>Actionability by Design</b>

Some features:

The torch for your users


The tooltip is a powerful UI element that can bring great value to any data visualization.

Rechart allows to fully customize its content by using the data point properties and HTML/CSS as well.


The chisel for your users


Select data points is key to start an investigation on a data corpus.

Rechart allows to select single o multiple data points in any charts by using both the point-click method and the brush tool as well.


Go beyond Retool

Save As PNG

Saving the current state of a chart is great for internal communication.

Rechart allows to export any chart in the current state as PNG with minimal Retool integration.

<b>Save As PNG</b>