Save and Download a Chart as PNG in Retool

posted on 8/29/2022, in updates

This post is a bit old and outdated. Rechart has evolved in the meantime.
Please refer to the more recent posts from here

A chart is a powerful communication asset that can be used for further team communication within other tools, such as presentation slides or other channels.

Retool allows to include charts using its own Plotly component. The problem is that exporting a chart from it is not that easy. It’s definitely possible but it requires a bit of hacking by using a custom component, making the maintainability a further issue.

In Rechart, the “save and download as PNG” is a built-in feature that you can enable with a simple toggle from the configurator:


The PNG will reflect the current state of the chart, therefore, you might export multiple version of the same chart, if you need to make a further comparison between them.