Install Rechart

posted on 10/8/2023, in updates

Here the step by step to install Rechart (beta version) into your Retool organization.

First off, a patch 🤨

Rechart is installed through a Retool Module. The way Retool handles custom components within Modules has some layout quirks. To fix that, just add a simple CSS rule in the Advanced Settings of your organization:


It’s totally safe and it won’t affect any other components since it looks specifically for Rechart elements.

Now, import the Module

You can download the Rechart module here.

It’s a zipped JSON file you can import (once unzipped) into your Retool organization. It’ll be available under the module section when adding a component.

After the installation you should be in the Module. “Back to home” to see the Module in the applications list.

Time to use Rechart into a Retool App

To make things fast, watch the following tiny screencasts.

Add your first chart

Use multiple connected charts

Drill-down a Retool table from a chart